International Shipping Services

Despite the advances of modern day transportation with air freight, if your consignment is not urgent then sending your goods as part of a shipping container load is usually a far more cost effective way to make overseas deliveries. Absail in Loughborough provide comprehensive international shipping services including the provision of ample shipping containers, regardless of the urgency or size of your assignment.

Transporting consignments worldwide and developing excellent relationships with partner companies throughout the world we have a vast amount of experience as international shipping agents. This ensures we are able to guarantee your delivery goes as smoothly as possible and arrives at its destination on time. Couple this with our marine insurance and you get total piece of mind that the goods you send using our international shipping services are insured and protected.

Absail transport your goods to far reaching places in the world, including Australia, Africa, USA & Canada and Eastern Europe.

Shipping Containers

With a prime central location in the country (Loughborough), our container shipping can commence from numerous ports around the UK. Customers from around the country enjoy the speed and efficiency available from Absail as a result.

Whether you require part container shipping, or multiple full shipping containers we can help. Available in 20’ and 40’ sizes and shipping freight via an established network of shipping agents, anywhere worldwide, they are strong and reliable. We also offer roll-on/roll-off containers for the international shipping of specialist consignments, e.g. a car.

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To enquire about our international shipping services then please contact us in Loughborough on 0800 294 8059.

International Shipping


International Shipping Services