Marine Insurance

Here at Absail in Loughborough we understand that when you entrust your shipping consignments to us, whether it be of large financial value or your own personal belongings you want to be confident that your goods will be considerately handled to ensure their safe arrival at your destination. Despite our freight shipping from Loughborough being amongst the best in the industry, we always recommend you take out adequate marine insurance to cover your goods in case of any damage from unforeseen circumstances.

All of our marine insurance policies are underwritten by Lloyd’s of London, a leading name. Our fully comprehensive range of marine insurance options will ensure your consignment is adequately protected between the points of original and final destination.

For more information about our insurance options and the best way to cover your shipment, call us today at Absail in Loughborough. Our friendly team, with years of experience regarding the intricacies of marine insurance policies will be happy to help obtain the necessary policy and quote.

Courier Insurance

Our hauliers operate vehicles with courier insurance in case anything should happen to your goods whilst they are in transit. However we usually recommend that our customers take out enhanced courier insurance for the goods they are transporting, to cover for those rare, but unfortunate situations we all wish to avoid. Courier insurance ensures maximum protection and cover for the safe transportation of your goods, in addition to your peace of mind.

We are happy to talk through the insurance options open to you and above all, ensure your goods are adequately covered against loss or damage whatever the circumstances. As a local Loughborough company we prioritise our customers, so you can be assured of courier insurance that is right for your needs, not expensive and unnecessarily excessive.

Marine Insurance

& Courier Insurance

Marine Insurance