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As freight forwarding agents we excel in the transportation of your consignment, ensuring it reaches its destination in a cost effective and timely manner. Here at Absail we offer a wide variety of road haulage services, including light haulage and international haulage. Haulage by road can be the fastest and most cost effective way to transport your consignment throughout the UK and Europe, potentially even worldwide.

Transporting haulage by road holds further merit as it is in some respect the most straightforward means of cargo shipping. From the moment your haulage consignment is collected, it remains in transit and does not need to be unloaded (onto a plane or ship) until it reaches its destination.

Local Hauliers

Absail's fleet of hauliers are all fully licensed and trained, ensuring complete reliability and efficiency while they transport your goods. We have years of experience in the delivery of warehouse stock, furniture transportation and retail product distribution - Absail's Loughborough hauliers are suitable for a wide variety of your transportation needs.

With state of the art GPS tracking systems, our hauliers follow routes that are efficient and traffic aware, whilst also allowing us to monitor your consignment throughout its journey on the road, guaranteeing you peace of mind. We also recommend courier insurance, allowing customers an enhanced level of protection on their items.

We excel by being able to provide a door-to-door service, something unobtainable solely through air cargo or international shipping.

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If you would like to enquire about how Absail's hauliers can assist you with the transportation of goods, contact us in Loughborough on 0800 294 8059.

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